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"By the Grace of God"

(A wife of an Addict) 

In May 2012, after a long period of suspicion and denial, I confronted my husband with his addiction to prescription pain meds. He entered in-patient rehab in Octovber of 2012 and we all thought he was on the right path. In October of 2015 he lost his job as a result of his addiction. He began out-patient treatment and once again thought he was in successful recovery. In September 2016 he again relapsed. This time the struggles with addiction resulted in him going to jail. After 90 days in jail, he was released and is currently doing very well participating in the suboxone (medication assisted treatment) program through Connnexion Point. 

   Connexion Point has offered my husband a treatment that would allow him to deal with the opiate cravings. The suboxone is truly a miracle drug. Once on the medication my husband began to think more clearly and act much more like the person I married 30 years ago.  He finally felt good about himslef again. For the first time in several years, our family, is at peace. 

"Hope for a brighter future"

(A mother's hope for her son

Addiction has been in my family for many years. It tears a family apart and there is nothing you can do. Life in not normal when you have addiction in it. 

  God, definately had his hand on my son when Connexion Point invited him to come and see what the program was all about.  He started the program and almost immediately started to change. I was getting my son back. He wanted to be around his family again. Many tears and praises to God for this miracle. Doc and Patti played a big part in this. I am so grateful to them. 


(13 year daughter of Addict 

not always sure what things called sins may be.

i am sure of one sin i have done.

everybody talks back to their mother.

but i always knew if was a wrong thing to do.

she would ask a simple question

i would talk back.


the only thing that made her believe she felt better. 

in my mind, 

that's not what i believed. 

she thought i didn't know, 

but i did.

saying harmful things to my mother was a big deal. 

i remember telling her awful things. 

things that will stay in my mind forever. 

at night i would always be thinking of those awful things. 

i knew it had to change. 

i knew she needed to change.

i knew it would hurt her when i was mean 

i knew if would make her use more

and that's not what i wanted. 

the nasty looks i would give her

while crossing my arms and ignoring her 

they were terrible.

i didnt even want to acknowledge her 

i wish i would of helped her

instead of hurt her. 

every time i got home 

there was something to argue about. 

it felt so wrong. 

but i couldn't help it. 

she would get depressed

and take more drugs.

i would lie in my bed 

and weep with sorrow. 

i didn't want her to overdose. 

i dont know what i would do without her. 

she finally got clean 

i could feel her have withdraws. 

but i knew she was getting better. 

i knew everything would be better

any my life would change


now that i know my mistakes 

i hope my mom 

will forgive my guilt .

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