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Chris B.

  It all started when I was 11 years old and started smoking pot. I liked the way it maked me feel. After  a few years of smoking pot I was introduced to cocaine.  Cocaine made me feel like superman. I spent many years of partying and using cocaine. When I was hurt in  a car wreck I  was put on pain killers. Before long I was dependant on them and if I didnt use I would get sick. In my mind, I had to continue to use to feel good and not get sick. Pretty soon the pain killers didn't seem to be working anymore, so I went to heroin. The heroin to me was a miracle drug.  It blinded me.  I had no worries. I had no pain. But my life was out of control.  I lost everything.  Spent years in jail and finally prison.  I lost loved ones. Drugs took from me the person I was and turned me into somebody no one knew or wanted to be arouind anymore. I lost every dream I ever wanted. 

  Connexion Point offered me a safe and controlled way to get off drugs.  The staff here actually cares and listens to you.  They determine what is going on with you and make a treatment plan that will work for you.  This program has changed my life completely.  By taking SUBOXONE I have no cravings, thoughts, or desires to go back to the heroin.  They have support groups that have the same type of people as you.  I  have been involved in many different programs and I actually feel I belong here.  It has saved my life.


I am myself again.

April H. 

 I hit rock bottom about 9 months ago. I was taking about 15 norco a day or whatever I could get my hands on to not be dope sick. I have had medical problems and never thought I would be able to conceive a child. Little did I know I was 4 months pregnant. I had my son a month early and he had to be in the NICU for 19 days. It was one of the hardest moments of my life.  My son was born addicted.  I knew the moment I saw his beautiful face I wanted to change my life. 

   I will never forget the day I met Patti, she truely is an amazing woman. I will never forget meeting with Dr. Kuster. Lost and all alone I found my light at the end of the tunnel. Suboxone saved my life. Connexion Point helps me know what it is like and how it feels to be an addict. You have to go through the storm before you can see the rainbow.



               You are not alone in this crazy world. 

Patti  S. 

I started using drugs and alcohol when I was 12 years old to escape. Escape from being molested, escape from being the unwanted, unloved child. It became the only consistent and reliable thing in my life. 

   It was there for me when I became a teenage mother. 

   It was there for me to help hide from my problems and feelings.

   It made me better, bigger, stronger. 

   It helped me run from anything. 

   I was happy, alive, and in control. 

When my husband was killed in 2001, drugs again helped me. Drugs became my best friend. Just like a best friend, they were always there for me and  would make me feel better.  But drugs were becoming possessive and jealous.  They took me from my kids and my job.  They consumed my time, my feelings, my spirit. They took away from me what I  loved.  They were no longer reliable, they  would let me down. They left me scared and lonely. 

   Connexion Point let me be me again. 

   I am strong. 

   I am independent.

   I am a Nurse.

   I am a mother 

   I am a Addict 

   I am clean ... I am finally free to be me ! 

Thank you Dr. Kuster.  

 Because of you, I am me !





Jeremy L. 

I have been down so many roads of addiction. I have abused cocaine, methamphetamines, pills and heroin. I have tried quitting in the past on my own, no wonder, it didn't stick. This time I have a much better chance as I have suboxone and a good program to help me stay on track. I am confident that I will be able to stay clean in the long run as I've had time to be able to form some new good habits. 

   Connexion Point offered me a program that was easy to follow and always seemed very relevant to everything going on in my life.  The small group settings is very productive and I really look forward to my group every week. The program has helped me look inside at the reasons that I have used and helped figure out how to avoid those kinds of situations. 

    "My family is happy to have me together with them now"

Daytrina S.


I  have struggled with Addiction for most of my life. I would just switch what I would use to feel different. I had always felt less than other people. So when I used drugs that feeling would go away. I used my first drug (alcohol) at 12 years old and am now 38.  Even at that age I would use to excess. Pill addiction took over when I was 21 and have been struggling with that since.  

   I married an addict who died from this in 2013.  For 20 years we used together buying pain pills off the streets. I could not function without drugs and felt there was no way out.  

   Connexion Point gave me my life back !  The program gave me freedom from the chains of addiction !     I have been able to purchase my first home since coming to this program.  


Bob S.

My Addictions began when I was very young. Through the years my addictions would just get replaced with another addiction.  From playing sports, drinking alcohol, gambling and work.  I've always thought that if there is such a thing as an addictive personality, my face would be the definition.  

   Connexion Point and Dr. Kuster is the third  Doctor I've had that prescribed suboxone to me.  However, she is the only Doctor running her practice according to the DEA rules.  The Connexion Point offers the program at the office. The group counseling and the support of the entire staff is outstanding ! The way this is structured and policed is the best possible way to beat my addiction.  Because of the group counseling, I believe that is creating and incredible amount of support on and patient to patient level.  Nobody really understands the struggles we have better than our groups of patients. This is so much healthier for us as patient's than to have a doctor just write prescriptions for suboxone. Is it inconvenient ?  I would say for some, I am sure it is. But we are staying clean and have all the support we need at Connexion Point.  I drive almost 2 hours each way and have never considered to look for another Doctor closer to home ! 

Thanks again Dr. Kuster and her entire staff. 

      "Freedom isn't free and neither is sobriety" "Sobriety is sustained by effort, support and time."

Jenipher W. 

My addiction started about 10 years ago.  Little did I know that  it was going to change my life for the worst.  After being diagnosed with arthritis, degenerative disc disease and fibromylagia,  I started taking percocets and it spiraled down from there. After awhile one or three wouldn't work so I kept uping my dose myself. My life was being controlled by pain meds. I was up to 30 norco's, 30 percocet and 21 methadone a day.  I thought I couldn't have a life without them and when I did not have any I felt like dying. My life revolved around them.  I didn't want to live.  I got sick of my daughter saying play with me and my answer being I can't mommys sick.  

   After 10 years I came across a medication called SUBOXONE.  I looked it up and decided it was my shot to actually live again as me. Thats when I found Dr. Kuster and Connexion Point.  With no judgement what so ever, I finally found a place and people who understood me.

   Dr. Kuster and Patti at Connextion Point saved my life in every aspect it can possibly mean. Suboxone is not another drug replacing another drug. Its just like you have high blood pressure you take medicine for it, it is the same for addiction.  

   I can never say thank you enough to them and Connexion Point for giving me my life back.

                          I am finally me again!  

Darcy A.

 Twelve years ago I dislocated my knee where I worked. I was placed on pain medication. The injury led to surgery and stronger pain medications and within a year I was being given five 10 mg Percocets a day. Just within two years my body was accustomed to the pain meds and I needed more and more.  This was the beginning to a decade of my life being totally controlled by drugs. Prior to this I had not even tried Marijuana.  I was raised well, college educated, had strong morals and values.  

  I would do anything for drugs. I spent every dollar I had for drugs. When my money would run out I would lie and steal. I was with criminals, I put my life at risk. I did not care anymore if I lived or died. 

  I asked for help at Connexion Point, a medication assisted treatment program ran by Dr. Kuster. I was not judged, but welcomed whole heartedly into the program. You are simply not handed a script and tossed out to the world. There are support systems and weekly consulting in place. Dr. Kuster and nurse Patti take stock and care deeply about every person in the program as an individual.  Without them and this program my only outcome would have been a miserable life leading to jail or death.


I am a real person again with hope and dreams. I am happy and have a good future. Thank you for giving me back my life.  

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